For Painting & Civil Repairing, Waterproofing, Painting Work, Plumbing work of your Building.




Repair & Paint  


Paintings ( Internal & External ).


Civil repair plumbing.

Dry Polishing
Crack Opening
Prewetting the cracked surface
Jet Washing
Application of  Water
Proofing Chemical
Crack Filling
Leveling of Cracks
Base Coat Or Primer
Coat Application
  • Every company make there product as per ISO norms with Warranty.

  • Basic rates of the paint are decided  after stainer added in to paint.

  • Sometime Painting & crack filling May stop the leakage but painting is not Waterproofing. It is an esthetic look of your building.

  • 100% guaranteed Waterproofing treatment can be done to wall at Extra cost.

  • Every company offer the warranty against anti peeling anti fading anti algae / fungal for the five years for some product.

  • Cracks on plaster surface will be filled up with proper crack filling material. ( Pedelite, Parma, Sunanda, etc.)

  • Developments of new cracks on surface of plaster is not under our control.

  • Paint company only provide three preview of each project. If you want extra preview it will your extra.

  • The paint company only give limited sample paint . please go for right choice of shade with all members.

  • Please give in writing about shades detail. once order placed material will not taken back. in such case society has to pay material cost.

How to Work

  • Work Order

  • Labour Insurance

  • Scaffolding

  • Final Measurement sheet Making & final Quotation.

  • Inspection of each flat with Moisture Meter and make database.

  • Scaffolding work Start.

  • Cracks opening – Cracks up to 1mm will be opened with grinder & after Jet wash will be filled up with crack filling material. ( Roff / Sunanda / Parma / Super Coat etc.)

  • Jet Wash – By Jet Spray Machine all the cracks & wall surface will be clean out. Fungus, moss, dust, loose flakes of colour will be removed from the surface.

  • Primer – Primering will be done on cracks filled & patch work done surface as per dilution recommendation by manufacturer. Sufficient time will be given to dry up.

  • First coat of Paint - The first coat of Paint will be applied as per dilution recommendation by manufacturer. Sufficient time will be given to dry up.

  • Oil Paint - On MS Grill Area one coat of Red Oxide & Two Coats of Oil Paint will be applied.

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  • Please do not use minimum 8 hours toilet, Bathroom & kitchen area for drainage after work completed.

  • No ground floor pipe lines will be changed being as per LAW of BMC It must be cast iron so it will only remove cleaned colored and reaffixed.

  • No drainage chamber cleaning work will be done by contractor. Please ask your sweeper to clean all drainage chambers after plumbing work completed.

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